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Somebody get Jerry Springer!!!

Me-ow! Richard Teversham, head of marketing for Xbox Europe, recently made some catty remarks about the PS3’s pricing and launch, going so far as to suggest that “I think a lot of gamers out there are going to be saying ‘I’ll wait for the price to drop.’” Saucy! Can he say that?

XBox Japan’s boss fired a salvo too, calling the PS3 “too expensive.” Somebody get some ice, cuz that was a buuuuuurn!

And to ensure the soiling of Sony CEO Howard Stringer’s trousers, Teversham made various vague and supposedly intimidating portents regarding different pricing packages for the XBox 360.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear this was some kind of coordinated media blitz…

…On the other hand, Sony DID lose $231 million in the last quarter alone. And, uh, it’s gonna get worse.

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