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Archive for July, 2006

Smackdown 07 down for the count; Eternal Saga apparently finite

Monday, July 24th, 2006

Sorry, Jabronis: it looks like WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 is in a figure-four leglock of delays, and won’t make it on to PS3 until further notice.

And you bawling brutes can grab a weepy nerd for a good group cry - Webzen’s MMORPG Endless Saga is cancelled too.

On the plus side, Sony would like to offer downloadable content for PS3, which means when there really are games to play, you can continue forking out dough for them week after week. But hey, if it somehow involves new/less visible costumes for new DOA games, I could be interested.

Despite these setbacks, it appears that Japanese gamers still prefer the PS3 to the Wii. Not only that, they like the PS3 60GB - Japanese like ‘em huge, I hear - but aren’t fond of the 20GB. Dear readers, enlighten us: is it really going to be worth to you it to go for the larger hard drive?

Asustek not fond of media, Resistance: Fall of Man screens, more

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

In our last post, we reported that Taiwanese firm Asustek was already shipping PS3 units. Now it turns out that whether they are or not, they don’t want people talking about it. The Chinese paper DigiTimes reports:

Asustek warned of legal action against media for any incorrect reports that jeopardize its relationships with clients, according to a company statement posted on the Taiwan Stock Exchange’s website.

In an attempt to ensure a smoother launch than the Xbox 360 experienced, Sony is reportedly in talks with British retailers to require a £150 deposit, roughly $279, to reserve a unit at the Nov. 17 launch. The full cost of a unit in Great Britain is likely to be £425. But cheerio, British readers! The United Kingdom will have both versions of the PS3 - just not at launch.

IGN reports from Comic-Con 2006 in San Diego that the PSP will serve as a controller for the PS3. Because that theory worked so well for the GameCube.

And now, because reading is boring, here are some screens you might have missed:

These are from the upcoming PS3 FPS Resistance: Fall of Man.

Check out the rest by clicking on this hyperlink, this one, right here.

News roundup

Thursday, July 20th, 2006

Business Week ran an in-depth article today suggesting that the PS3’s high price tag - and the fact that “Sony has tied nearly every piece of its expansive operations to the console’s success” - could lead to disaster. Surprise!

Hexus Gaming and Gamespot are both reporting that a Japanese Web site (Tech On!) has information about a motion-sensing camera/controller combo for the PS3. Will it rival the Wii’s control, or end up a sad EyeToy redux? This image is being distributed to explain the new system:

The future of gaming - a candle and a pencil

Behold, the future of gaming: a candle in a TV, controlled by a pencil!

An Australian site has posted - tomorrow, somehow, curse those Aussies - that Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Asustek is
a month and a half ahead of schedule, meaning 200,000 PS3 units could be done by the end of the month.