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PS3 needs to tighten its belt

From the rumor mill: PS3 is too big to fit in its case, Sony’s still bidding on parts, and the OS might take up tons of memory.


Thanks to reports from a few different sources, things aren’t looking any better for PS3 development today than they have been for the last few months. The newest updates center around the system being too big for its britches, and still very much unfinished.

• The Inquirer tells a tale of a PS3 that’s far behind in development because Sony is still bidding on parts and the system is too big to fit in the case that’s been on display at all the trade events.

We are about six months from launch, and debugging should be done, prototypes and dev kits should flow like water, and all the tame magazines should already have one. The situation is rather different though, they are nowhere, and there are two related reasons behind this.

• Meanwhile, our friends over at PS3 Portal have broken some news about the PS3’s operating system, particularly the fact that it uses a ton of memory and processing power and runs constantly in the background of every game. Based on PS3 Portal’s numbers, which it obtained from unnamed industry sources, the difference compared to the requirements to run Xbox 360’s similar OS is quite dramatic and quite discouraging. Check out all the big numbers right here.

• Sony Playstation 3 is far from complete [The Inquirer]
• Exclusive - Inside the PS3 - Updated [PS3 Portal]

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