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After hinting at a delay, more denials from Sony

A new Sony spokesperson steps up to deny any plans for a PlayStation 3 delay, reaffirming a Spring launch.


Yesterday, we got the first official admission from Sony that a PS3 delay might be in the cards. Or, at least, we thought so. At that time, a Sony spokeswoman (who wasn’t named in the article, lucky for her) told Reuters that the company is “aiming for Spring,” but that delays on final specs for the Blu-ray drive and some A/V input/output components could push the PS3 back a few months.

Of course, it all depends on whom you ask, even within Sony itself. Today another spokesperson, Kei Sakaguchi in Tokyo, had this to say:

“There is no change in our original plan to release the console in spring 2006,” Sakaguchi told the press in Tokyo, referring to the company’s only stated goal for the launch so far - namely that the console will appear in at least one territory, most likely Japan, this spring.

Upon closer inspection, both statements could be true at the same time. Though the first spokesperson’s tone is pessimistic compared to the second’s, they’re really saying the same thing: We’re aiming for Spring. Our plan for a Spring release has not changed.

So we’ll give Sony that — the plans haven’t changed. But that’s not answering the real question: will they be able to live up to that plan and put the system on the market in the next four months? We’d be amazed if they did. For more, check out this weekend’s feature on the latest PS3 delay news.

• Sony denies PlayStation 3 delay reports []

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