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Programmer says PS3 ain’t so tough

A programmer at British developer Volatile says that PS3 development is comparable to that of the PC, and easier than PS2.


Lyndon Homewood, who’s a lead developer at Volatile, the studio that’s working on a zombie game called Possession for PS3, spoke to the Guardian gaming blog about the ease of programming for the PS3. He says that, because PS3 is based on the same Open GL architecture that is used for PC graphics, it should be easy to make the transition to the new console.

“ES is designed for things like set-top boxes and mobile phones, where you want the fundamental graphics but don’t need some of the fringe stuff that Open GL has. Because you’ve got that on PS3, it’s going to be much easier than the PS2 to get something up and running - there are hundreds of books out there for it, so you can do your background reading. All the documentation is there.”

So, after a few rounds of complaints on PS3 development, we’ve got a band of developers sticking up for the system. For more technical details, check out the full interview.

• Possession and the art of PS3 programming [Guardian]
• PS3 Not Difficult to Develop For, says Volatile [GameDaily]

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