Killzone  (Games)

Killzone Pub: Sony
Dev: Guerilla
Genre: Shooter
Release: ?

Although the release date has not yet been announced, this remake of Killzone for PS2 is one of the most anticipated PS3 shooters yet. The trailer, which is said to consist completely of actual gameplay footage, shows you and your army flying on what seems to be a fleet of hovercrafts down to a city full of combat. The trailer consistently exhibits team combat, instead of the usual one man vs. the world kind of shooting game. If this game is half as good as the trailer looks, it will definitely be one to check out.

• Killzone videos and screens at IGN

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Comment from: Zac [Visitor]
Make a co-op mode and it will be the best
Permalink 01/31/06 @ 12:27
Comment from: elie [Visitor]
id like to talk about kilzone for the ps3.Almost everyone is saying that it's not possible to have what we saw in the trailer of killzone possible on the ps3, and it's starting to annoy me, especially since its coming out of the mouths of journalists.If u look at the trailer bit by bit, u will see that it is possible to have that in a game and even more. first of all lets look at the flame thrower weapon and the burning soldier, the flames coming out of the weapomn and burning the guy is possible on the ps3. The actual weapons shown are as goodlooking as those found in Black, so weapons in the trailer are possible on the ps3. The helgas soldier that was shot and stuck on a pole or something, have the level of detail that id surely expect to see on the ps3, the environment, such as the buildings shown, will be possible on the ps3, as it will allow massive draw distance and buildings on screen. Now as for the characters talking and picking up bodies and communicating, as well as the opening scene where the soldiers are on the ship and get shot down, this was all scripted and as long as theyre scripted in gameplay, they of course will be possible on the ps3. And as for the character facial features and emotions, this is the ps3 were talking about, and im sure hideo kojima will be able to create as good looking soldiers. the only thing left is the smoke effects and explosions. now if u look at the plane or flying ship in the opening scene which exploded in the air, the fire effect was almost identical to the explosion demo showed at e3, and the smoke coming off the ship was the same, nothing major which cannot be done on ps3. the other fire explosions and smoke effects were basically the same. Sure the demo was amazing and would ake everyone look in awe and think its not possible, but when u look at it carefully and analyze all the details, u will see that it can be done on ps3. I'd like to know your opinions
Permalink 02/18/06 @ 04:37
Comment from: Dark Fox [Visitor]
I feel if guerrilla try really hard then what they showed in the e3 trailer could be pulled off with the help of the awesome techmology of the ps3. And if it can be pulled off, it not only will be one of the best games that will come out on a next gen console but could even earn the title of 'halo killer' though I'm not very fond of people calling it that because their isn't too huge similarities between the two and that nicknam just led to the first killzone not living up to the hype, all thanks to gamesites. I want to see more killzone ps3 footage!
Permalink 02/20/06 @ 06:42
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