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Hands-on with more PS3 games

We polished off the rest of the PlayStation 3’s playable offerings today, and we have a glimmer of hope among lots of otherwise unremarkable news. By the way, the Wii is incredible. We’ll get into that in more detail in a future post.

Madden ‘07 (30% done)

We’re sure this will turn out nice, but right now it looks horrible on the PS3 and is apparently less than 1/3 complete. It’ll introduce some new things, like lead blocker control, but as far as the PS3 version goes, it’s not really ready for human consumption. The Xbox 360 demo looked a lot cleaner, faster, brighter, and graphically superior. It wasn’t marked how far along that game was in development — the gameplay itself was about the same, but the Xbox’s look and feel beat the PS3’s hands down.

Gran Turismo HD (20% done)

The track environments look great, and the graphics in general make you feel very next-gen. There are four tracks and several cars playable now, among them the amazing Grand Canyon course from the trailer. We’re not in love with GT games in general, but gameplay-wise this seems to be on par with the old stuff, with no major surprises.

Heavenly Sword (50%)

We said Resistance: Fall of Man was the best game on display yesterday, and Heavenly Sword tops it. In this demo, you play a scandalous swordswoman who takes on a bunch of samurai-type guys in several rounds of arena beat-’em-up action. It’s a ton of fun, it looks great, and it feels like a cool mixture of Dead or Alive and Dynasty Warriors. Apparently the game itself is in the “adventure” genre, so it’s much more than just the arena-fighting demo we loved today.

Genji (60%)

After playing Heavenly Sword, this game (of a similar genre) pales in comparison. And considering that it’s one of the closest to completion for the PS3, that could mean trouble. Then again, PlayStation is going to face a lot of trouble this generation even if they have the best games on the market. If E3 is any indication, they don’t. More on our favorite new system, the Wii, to come soon.

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