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Shooting down some lofty PS3 claims

Biff hates manure, too Manure! We hate manure! Good thing GameDaily and Joystiq have helped us dig through some of the BS surrounding the PS3 and Nintendo Revolution.


We’ve been trying to ignore most of the random guesses that video-game analysts are throwing out there lately, and fortunately GameDaily has a nice feature cutting through the propaganda coming from the tech companies themselves.

They attack four statements — two about PS3, two about Revolution. Here’s a brief look.

1. Sony will sell 4-7 million PS3s in 2006 = Major BS.

The Cell chip manufacturing ramp up has not yet begun, and the chip yield will almost certainly impact how many units can be manufactured this year. The senior vice president of Pioneer Electronics should probably do some research before throwing out comments that force us to dig through a pile of BS before getting to the truth.

2. Sony is setting up a competitor to Xbox Live = Medium BS.

What we see happening is a partial Xbox Live service for the PlayStation 3. … However, we do not see the service being anywhere near the level of Xbox Live. It may take Sony the entire life cycle of the PS3 and beyond to get to the point where Xbox Live is at now with the 360.

In Joystiq’s response to the feature, they note that Sony recently bought Zipper Interactive, which pioneered PS2 online play with the SOCOM series. That “probably happened for a reason” — maybe some big plans for online action?

The article also slices up a claim or two about the Revolution, but they agree with the big points: it’ll be sub-$300 and on the market before Thanksgiving, or Nintendo is in trouble.

• Digging Through the BS [GameDaily]
• PS3 and Revolution bull considered cut (well, maybe) [Joystiq]

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