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It’s all about the Blu-ray

In a week full of analysts’ speculation, BusinessWeek’s Next Generation column offers up some truly interesting thoughts on the impending release of the PlayStation 3.


Their theory: It’s not about the games, it’s all about the DVDs. Because the gaming market is tiny in comparison to the high-def DVD market, it’s possible that Sony is really using the PS3 to take on Toshiba, which created the competing HD-DVD format, rather than Microsoft and Xbox 360. If Sony wins in gaming, that’ll just be an added bonus. If they win with Blu-ray, that’ll mean billions a year in royalties.

So, if it’s true — the columnist takes great care to remind you it’s not — what does that mean? Maybe Sony will launch the PS3 in the US first, because the DVD market is here, not in Japan. And maybe they’ll launch early, with little software support, because their primary goal is to get as many Blu-ray players on the market as they possibly can.

Then again, they remind us — “if it ain’t ready, it ain’t ready.” Quite a good point. Check out the full story, and decide for yourself which speculation you prefer.

• Sony’s War Goes Beyond Games [BusinessWeek]

EARLIER: Why we think Sony’s vertical integration will help them control the next-gen DVD market.

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