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Xbox’s Peter Moore on Halo vs. PS3

Halo Another Microsoft bigwig has debunked the theory that Halo 3 will be deliberately timed to compete against the launch of the PS3. Granted, if they coincidentally come out at the same time, there’s nothing we can do about that. Here’s what Xbox VP Peter Moore had to say in an interview with Engadget at CES.


Well the interesting thing is, when is the launch? How can I time for something when I don’t know when it is? So first of all, the answer is no. To somehow artificially plan something to combat things? They’ll launch, let’s face it. They’ll launch and it’ll be very successful. …

It’s stupid, ridiculous, and almost impossible to say to 80 guys programming, “I want you to make sure they see you can be ready to go two weeks from now.” It just doesn’t work. You know what you end up with? You end up with a sub-par game because you’re actually building a game with an alternative plan in mind other than making a great game. Game development doesn’t work that way, and anything that is of the quality of a Halo franchise, you do not risk screwing it up.

• The Engadget Interview: Peter Moore

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